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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Hungarian domestic chicken soup

(easy to make)


1 whole chicken
1 kohlrabi
0,5 celeriac
2 parsley
7-8 big carrot
1 onion
0,5 little savoy cabbage
1 stock cube
2 tablespoon salt

1, Clean the chicken and cut it into pieces (eg. leg). Clean the vegetables. Cut the carrots and parsleys into 4-5 cm pieces.

2, Put the chicken and the vegetables into a 4-5 litres pot and pour water on. Cook it in a very slow owen. Add the salt and the stock cube in when it begins to boil. Cook it for about 80-120 minutes (depend on the chicken's age, the older the chicken is, the more cooking is needed).

3, Cook water in a small pot and add in the varmicelli. Cook it for about 6-8 minutes then filter it.

4, Remove the vegetables from the soup and the chicken, then filter the soup. Add the vermicelli into the filtered soup and serve it until it is warm.

Preparation time: ca. 2-2,5 hours

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  1. thank you for your recipes. my daughter just returned from Hungary and loved the food.